Prevent the Freshman 15 with this 21 Day Diet

Everyone knows that gaining weight is easy to do when you’re studying for exams, attending classes and not having a lot of time to prepare big healthy meals. For this reason, it’s imperative that you change things up and make sure to eat healthily.  If you pig out on snack foods at the school cafeteria or buffet, you will be denying yourself of an opportunity to enjoy university and the college campus as a fit person or athlete.

When I studied in school, I gained the Freshman 15 and then some. My friends and I joked that it should be called the Freshman 40 because the majority of us gained 20-40 pounds in our first year. It really was no laughing matter and we were miserable for the next two years as we didn’t know how to lose weight. Luckily, there are so many resources available now to help you lose weight and get in shape.  One of our sponsors has launched a brand new health and fitness website the21daydiet website which offers students and individuals diet tips and tricks on how to get lean and in shape in under 3 weeks or in just 21 days.  The 21 day diet focuses on the fact that most people are addicted to sugar and carbs and need to try to eliminate these things from their diet in order to be free of an addiction that feeds fat and weight gain.  By eliminating excessive carbs and sugar from your diet, you’ll be less likely to reach for foods that are bad for you and more inclined to eat healthily. If you start eating more apples, oranges and fruits, you’ll be happier and healthier since the sugars in those fruits are actually good for you.

There are other recommended exercise programs such as the 21 day fix workout program which offers various exercise programs you can do over the course of three weeks to see if you notice yourself getting in shape and getting a more toned and tight body. Women often fear exercise using dumbbells or free weights because they fear “bulking” or getting muscular.  Luckily, women just are not built like that. When we lift weights, we just get stronger and stronger and our bodies get tighter. We don’t get bulked up or look “large”. It is one of the benefits of being a woman! Exercise also helps relieve stress which is a known problem for women and men studying at school through exams and trying to pass finals.  Keep focused in your studies and make time for exercise and eating healthily. When you eat well, you also increase your brain power and you will be able to study more and focus more on your exams.  Good luck this term and keep fit!

Medical Students: Neurology Studies in the Fall

Nims University is happy to announce a new course in our university this school year. While we currently have a variety of different courses available for medical students including nursing, psychiatry, surgeryneurology-studies and other studies. We currently have opened up a new course that will be fully dedicated to studies in neurology and neurosciences. However there are only a limited number of spots available for those who are hoping to study this field.

Working in neurology is extremely competitive because most students go on to earn incomes of several hundred thousand dollars a year. But this course is extremely demanding and most students will not be able to meet the needs of the course. One of our students from last year said that he previously was studying neurology and another is sacrificed his social life because he had to study every day for months on end. Neurology studies can be very rewarding as you will learn to help people who have various disorders that affect the brain. Some people say that neurological studies are some of the most difficult sciences because you’re not only studying how the body works but how particular brain parts in neurons affected regular in everyday human behavior.

One of our upcoming students intending to study this course of neurology, Bret Schneider, is excited about the possibility of studying neurology. There will be many different fields of study offered at the school in 10 different courses. Ms. universe is expanding to develop a center dedicated solely to neurology and we are bringing in 10 of the most highly qualified neurologists that are being retired from the field and will help students with hands-on learning so they will become not only educated through literature and lectures but also have hands-on experiences working with test subjects in the Institute itself. Different types of neurological sciences will include pediatric neurology and learning about how to prevent children from having epileptic episodes and the removal of brain tumors. Other areas will focus on how neurological sciences can help prevent people who have perpetual headaches and pains in their brain in addition to those children who have behavior problems and towel certain chemicals or ways in which the brain is built can be altered to improve behavior and moods.

These are just some of the many exciting new innovations Nims University is working on in the next 5 years to provide our students with the highest level of learning available. All courses will be provided by highly skilled neurologists who have direct experience and years of education to provide out students with the best education on the subject matter.  The program will be very competitive and will not be open until some time in the next few years as the facilities begin to be constructed.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy start to the 2015 school year.


Dental Care and Insurance for Students

Okay, so you’ve moved out of your parents’ home and now you have to take care of all your medical and dental bills yourselves! Not a fun thing to have to deal with considering medical bills are so expensive.  But it’s important to get your teeth looked after even though you’re no longer being taken care of by your parents.

Nims Campus has a number of qualified dentists and orthodontists that we recommend for affordable dental care. Some of the orthodontists even offer braces and veneers at a discounted rate for students. One of the most popular La Mesa dentist in town recently opened up a new office to help students get braces at affordable rates. He offers a variety of types of braces based on your preferences. When in high school, you often times get metal braces because the majority of young kids have them and it’s just no big deal – but if you’ve suffered your whole life with uneven teeth or missing teeth, it might be embarrassing to get metal braces as an adult. That’s why one of our recommended orthodontists offers clear braces or veneers at affordable rates for students.

All you need to do is come into the office with your student card and health plan. Some people also might have extra benefits offered from part-time jobs or from their parents’ insurance.  There are also several scholarships or bursaries you can apply for by submitting an essay in order to win an award for financial assistance to help.

Our orthodontists recommend taking regular care of your teeth and going to the dentist to avoid having to pay extremely expensive rates to fix cavities. Some of the ways you can take care of your teeth involve regular brushing with a high quality toothpaste. While many students struggle financially, it’s important to purchase high quality toothpaste from a recommended and approved dental care company.  Additionally, invest in a toothbrush from a dentist approved company like Oral B because cheap low grade toothbrushes won’t clean your gums and remove plaque in the same way as a high quality one will.

Secondly, use some type of fluoride rinse for 30 seconds after brushing your teeth in the evening. The rinse will help strengthen the enamel on your teeth and prevent them from deteriorating over time.  You also must floss once a day and particularly after you have eaten a meal with meat that could get stuck between your gums.  It’s important to floss to keep your gums strong so they won’t bleed every time you floss.

Lastly, make sure you get a regular dental check-up every 6 months. If you’re visiting an orthodontist, you’ll see them much more regularly to make sure your braces are functioning as they should be. Consult the local student office for more information about dental insurance.

Fiber: Are You Getting Enough?

Fiber is a very common content and ingredient of all the supplementary pills nowadays. It is also a must component of our everyday diet. As to our daily food intake, incorporating fiber rich food should be practiced. Should be served necessary in order to get the most balanced diet our family needs in the table. As we can sometimes neglect the value of foods that are rich in fiber to our diet, our body weakens and our immune systems have difficulties in trying to protect our working systems. It aids in eliminating toxins that helps us to reduce constipation; thus we feel lighter and detoxified.

Understanding detoxification, you can always see it everywhere especially to those who are selling foods, supplements and medicines. Detoxification is the process of ridding of the toxins out of our body through our sweating, urinating and defecating. It is an effective way to boost our immune system, keeping away our gastrointestinal healthy and preventing it from overworking. Our system should eliminate all the unwanted products in our body and detoxifying is one way of separating free radicals out of the working systems of our body. Preventing our cells and tissues for future damages and aging, it is one way to care for our only true wealth.

How much really is the right amount of fiber that we should incorporate to our daily meals? In the computations they had formulated, the daily fiber intake of every adult individual, regardless of their age and weight, is about 15-30 grams a day of fiber intake derived from foods and not on the dietary pills and supplements we are taking. Skinny fiber is a health supplement that can help you. You may wonder, skinny pill? Fiber is one of the important foods we are eating. It will help us to eliminate the free radical present in our GI tract, plus it will help us lose and maintain our desired weight. Keeping us away from colon diseases that will arise from the future, like hemorrhoids and colon cancer, fiber will help us to prevent to end up in the end stage of colon problems. Since prevention is better than cure, our fiber intake has been proven to be our preventive measure to keep our body from acquiring diseases brought about organ malfunctions and tissue damage.

Since losing weight creates the bigger issue nowadays, many aren’t aware the recommended grams of intake in proportion to their age and height. Suffers a lot of gastrointestinal problems and will lately psychologically impair on their understanding. More information about skinny fiber and fiber supplements is available at Many want to be lean and thin, thinking that it would be feel great in looking skinny like models doing a catwalk in the ramp. Many who suffer anorexia nervosa or bulimia in teens and middle age woman because of inhibiting themselves from eating the right food their body needs. To add up in this situation, they are not able to seek the guidance of their nutritionist-dietitians before making the decision to commit suicide. As a part of our daily diet, the importance of an adequate amount of fiber intake will give you a young outer appearance and amazingly fit and healthy body.



Gym Facilities and Fitness Clubs at Nims U

Not only does Nims University support and promote education of the mind, but also the body! We believe that in order to have the best success at our university and in your studies, you need to be physically fit both in mind, body and spirit.


Nims Campus has excellent facilities to keep you in the best shape of your life and help you focus on your studies by being strong mentally and physically.

Studies show that students who exercise on average of 30 minutes a day are reported to have better success in their exams and are able to retain more information that they receive from their professors at university.

Our campus offers a variety of personal training programs additionally that are affordable if you feel you need extra help in attaining your goals.  Our most popular gym is the one at nims campus:

Our gym has a variety of equipment ranging from free weights to treadmills, elipticals, exercise bikes or spin bikes, rowing machines and even stair steppers. We also have a bunch of classes you can sign up for.

gym-facilitiesExercise classes available:

  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Weight training for women (using dumbbells and resistance bands)
  • Boxing
  • Spin classes
  • Female only sessions of aerobics
  • Zumba

We also offer nutritional and personal nutrition advice from our registered and professional dieticians on campus.

Our resident dietician is called Iron Homar and he is a professional in dietary advice and helping you lose weight or gain weight and muscle depending on your physical needs.

He offers hourly rates for his services with you or will work with you to create a specialized dietary plan.  His weight loss plan consists of eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  He recommends that to lose weight you should buy skinny fiber which is a fiber supplement that the majority of his customers take in order to help eliminate cravings.  He also recommends taking some sort of Vitamin C and Omega 3 supplement to make sure your body has all the proper fats that will give you energy throughout the day.

Additionally, many men and women come to Dr. Homar to try to gain weight. He says that how much fiber each day you get is also very important. He recommends a variety of supplements to help change your body chemistry.  According to Homar:

Every body is different. Some people’s body chemistry makes it easier for them to put on weight or fat when they consume foods that are high in sugar or fat. Other people have a revved up metabolism and rarely put on weight even when they have a diet that is rich in fats and oils. But these people struggle to put on muscle and many men are unhappy with having a slim frame. They need to consume high amounts of protein to combat this issue and help build muscle.

For these people, Homar recommends a variety of proteins like whey protein or soy in additional to other changes and a high calorie diet to help gain weight.

Whatever your needs, here at Nims Uni, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get fit!


University Facilities and The Green Campus

Nims University has such a lush beautiful campus.

Recently the university filmed this promotional video to showcase how great the new campus is.  The campus is divided into a variety of different sections including nursing, dental schools, medical offices, and training for a variety of occupations related to the medical, health and dentistry field.

If you dream of having a job such as a dentist, nurse, assistant to either of the two, technician in x-ray or other department, you should consider going to Nims University. Many of the students at our campus are studying in these fields and feel that this university has prepared them for a lifetime of hard work and high earning potential working in such a lucrative field. Enjoy this video showing off the beautiful, updated and modern facilities!


Welcome to Nims Uni Fan page!

Thanks for coming to our medical campus life at Nims University.


We are proud of all the great things campus life has to offer. Nims Campus has amazing programs and events that will make it an easy transition from high school and secondary education to post-secondary education.

The campus is complete with parks, gardens, lush living rooms, equipped laundry facilities, medical centers, a gymnasium and indoor pool.

Bedrooms are shared with cleaning service weekly and private bathrooms.

Other bedrooms for an increased fee are single with double beds.

Whatever your budget, nims campus is affordable, clean and safe.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the latest medical events, campus fun orientation dates and any other info you may need about the campus!